I was recently reading about a new High Security prison being built and got inspired. All over the world we incarcerated hundreds of thousands of men and women, who for what ever reason can't control their passions for crime, violence, and evil. Its also true that daily many people are powerless to control their appetites for drugs, alcohol, and perversion. It must be painful for God, to see what has become of mankind, made in his image.

The reason this inspired me is because, as a race, humanity has mastered so many things. Think about it; man has created massive ships to master the sea. What about space craft, planes and rockets, that master the sky. Skyscrapers, bridges and motorways have mastered the landscape.  Large zoos that have mastered the animal kingdom. Its amazing the things that man has accomplished. Look at our many universities with great programs in science, medicine, engineering, agriculture, chemistry and computers. But with all of this learning and knowledge, humanity CAN'T master the inner man.

Greed has ruined the economy. Selfishness has destroyed families. Lust has caused pain, abuse, and sickness. Alcohol and drugs have killed and maimed millions. Racism and hate has divided many and caused war. IS THERE AN ANSWER?

Gods apostle Paul spoke about this condition in Romans 7:19-25. He said, the things I don't want to do I do, and the things I should do I can't do. The bible says our problem is THIS BODY OF DEATH (SIN),  The only answer he says is Christ Jesus. The bible says.."Christ in you the hope of Glory".