Obama(U.S.) Cameron(U.K.) Sarkosy(France)
I've received lots of questions and comments lately about politicts, especially now that the U.S. political climate has heated up. I'm posting some notes from a message I preached some years ago to clarify the biblical perspective, and the will of God for his church relating to to this topic. Its amazing how this message is so relevant years later.

Castro(Cuba) Chavez(Venezuela)
The scriptures are very clear that, God made us (mankind), and its Gods desire to rule in our lives. Politics is really an idea of man ruling man. Its the science of citizen government, from harsh dictators and monarchy, to elected representatives. God Led his people through Prophets, Priests, and Judges. These men would hear Gods voice and deliver his message to the people. In I Sam 8, the people of God said, "give us a king to rule us as the other nations", God said in verse 7, "they have rejected me from ruling over them". This has been our position up until this present day. A man based government instead God's rule through his Holy Spirit.

Mugabe(Zimbabwe) Ahmadinejad(Iran)
God knew what his people didn't know, and what most still don't know today. All men are sinners, the human heart is wicked, and no man will ever do a good job trying to be God. Money and power will always corrupt. In I Sam 8:11-18, God tells the people what their king is capable of (read it). The issue here is not a matter of which political party is best, the issue is the sinful heart of ALL men. Pride(the favorite sin of Satan) is found in all political parties. One side says, "we care more about suffering humanity", thats pride. The other side says, "you don't care about people keeping what they work for", thats also pride. Listen, no one cares that much about anyone, its a posturing to gain votes and keep the power and money one has achieved. Its the same old temptation that was brought to Eve in the garden of Eden, "You can be like God". We need government, but the model is servant leadership as preached and demonstrated by Jesus.

Blair(U.K.) Bush(U.S.)
Why do you think the people in the scriptures asked for a king and rejected Gods rule? Its so easy to understand. Man can be bribed, manipulated, blackmailed, seduced, and persuaded...God Can't. Political powers have always throughout history hated, and persecuted, the church because of this one position, The Word of God is final authority. What the bible says about Sin, Drunkards, Sodomy, Abortion, Adultery, Idols, Fornication, Stealing and Hate is still the same today as its always been. We are now in a new era of dismissing the church, and removing its influence from the public square. This is happening through Political correctness and anti-christian legislation.
Kim Jung Il(N. Korea) Putin(Russia)

I think its the highest form of pride to think that a political leader or his party can fix a world broken by sin. Every world leader to date, has tried and failed. Repentance opens our hearts to the Spirit of God, and allows is love, forgiveness, and grace to change us from the inside. Humanity needs Christ.  Jesus taught, who you love you won't kill, steal from, rape abuse or lie to. This is call self rule, or Spirit rule. People like this don't need prisons or rehabs, which invite politics. Jesus taught us to give, this is the opposite of scamming, greed, and robbery. Jesus taught us to be faithful to our spouses and families, this protects children and keeps power hungry politicians from stepping in and mandating family issues. The Bible teaches that rules, laws, and mandates are needed for the lawless, but the gospel changes the heart and lifts mankind to a level of sufficiency and grace. Our world has seen every type of politician, now it needs to see men and women of God. Leaders with God in them, humbly obeying and serving with one ambition, to glorify God. Send us that man or woman, and we'll vote them in and pray God will hold them up.
J.F. Kennedy(35th U.S. President)

The bible teaches that the world will end in an economic disaster, that will cause humanity in desperation, to turn to a false leader called Anti-Christ. Man's politics and wisdom will fail miserably. Jesus will come and prove once and for all, that God's way is and always has been the right way. Be wise, get on board with Jesus now, and serve him with your life. I Sam 12:25, God says, "if you do wickedly, you will be swept away, YOU and YOUR KING".