Austin...Capital City of Texas..Sept 14 2011

Jamming for Jesus
pastor and Mary Lou
Austin Texas has always been one of the cities I enjoy. Pastor Barry and his family are the real deal, and the BBQ here is great. Over the years I've watched the church grow both in number and in Spirit. Gods work here is a testimony, that he is Lord of the harvest. 
old style prayer line
powerful stuff at the altar
Pastor Barry in on the action
During the very first service about 10 souls answered the invitation for salvation. Pastor was glad that in that number were a few backsliders. There is always a special joy when a lost sheep comes home. Some really powerful things were taking place on the altar each night. One lady told of an instant deliverance she received on night after prayer, there were also quite a few raised hands that they were healed. I noticed a few visitors who returned night after night, God was truly doing a work inside these folks.
sign ministry
Sunday morning..ready for revival

Logo for Austin's Longhorns
This is why we love revival so much. God visits, touches, delivers, blesses and heals. Just a few services in Gods presence can break a lifetime of bondage.  Its also very clear when one comes to Austin that this is Longhorn Country. The University Of Texas is a national powerhouse in NCAA sports, and the fans here are into it. If it wasn't for Jesus, Longhorns would be a religion. Its always a blessing being with the saints in Austin. I always look forward to returning.
great altar calls each night