Scenes from Colton California

They gave me a stool to rest my ankle
Old Style Prayer Line
Each year I look forward to my trip to Colton California. If anyone wants Southern hospitality in California, this is the place to be. Pastor Eric and sister Brenda have a great group of folks here, and the don't just talk Jesus, they live for him. I injured my ankle just before arriving, so I wasn't able to move around as normal, but it didn't stop God from moving for us. I was blessed with the responses to the altar calls by visitors. God is doing a great work here in Colton.  
Sister Brenda, bringing it down
Colton CA Congregation
The church here is a hard working group. On Sunday they testified of just returning from Indio, where they labored all day in music, plus did a concert at night, plus drove home, and was up and at it again for God throughout revival. Thank God for people after Gods heart. 
Prayer time
The Tigers of Colton