Revival in Beautiful South Africa..11-2011

street outreach, praying for two ladies
Faces of South Africa
My two week Africa trip began in Cape Town, South Africa. Its is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in the world. Located right at the tip of the African continent, the next stop south is Antarctica. I preached 7 services here; a marriage class, a mens class, and 5 revival services. I was shocked at Sunday mornings altar call when so many came forward for salvation. I knew God had planned to move. The hunger for God was so real. The worship, the responses, the singing was all so powerful. 
Ps Bobby and his group singing
Time to Worship
The folks at the church were so into revival. Ps Bobby kept speaking about people bringing their friends and family. Many were saved. I met people who remembered me from my visit 11 years ago, some even came and told me they got saved in that previous meeting. It was a joy. I went on Outreach with the church on Saturday and got to pray with people on the streets. During the mens class I met a few of the other local pastors, wonderful men with great vision for God. The same is true of the marriage class, many from other local congregations came and were blessed.
Attention to Gods Word
Altar call at the mens class
Lovely Capetown
Many needs, lots of prayer
South Africa is a nation going through so many changes, after years of racial struggle. Political struggles, moral and traditional struggles as well. Many evil spirits are working through this time of struggle. The Holy Spirit addressed many of these issues during the revival, and we saw a great breakthrough. Keep the nation is prayer. Our workers in South Africa are fighting and winning a great spiritual war.
congregation in Guguletu
Ps Bobby and Barbara
Fire fell on the final night
Ps Bobby took me to a place I remembered on my first trip to Cape Town 11 years ago. A restaurant that served Ostrich Kebabs. It was still there, and the Ostrich is still good. For a man who likes chicken, this is like one big chicken, glorious. I'm going back for more.
Ostrich big chicken..I was happy