Ephesians 2:8 says, "For by grace are you saved through faith". The Grace of God has always been an amazing truth. Its so far above human understanding, that its hard to grasp at times. Grace gives us sinners hope, but it also gives the weak strength, and those of little ability a means of expression. We describe  grace as, God seeing our need, and doing for us whatever he has to, to get that need met. Its Gods favor. When we needed salvation, Grace made it possible. When we needed to be married, grace made it possible. When we needed to become a better spouse, grace made it possible. Its grace that gives single people the ability to remain pure. When we needed to give, grace made it possible. When we fell short of God's righteousness, grace gave us ability to rise up to it. When we see Jesus one day, we'll all praise God for his amazing grace.

The bible says in James 2:10, "if we break the law in one area, you are guilty of breaking it all". That teaches that the law of God demands perfection. That leaves us hopeless without grace. Even the most holy among us falls way short of God's perfection. The gospel declares that Jesus did live up to that perfection, and represents us to God. As believers, we In Christ are received as fulfilling those demands because Jesus did. The law demands perfection, but grace declares perfection in Christ. Again, thats the grace of God.

People are often afraid of grace because it wrestles control out of our hands. We have nothing to boast in, and nothing to be proud of. Grace points hungry souls to Jesus and shows how small we are and how great God is. Grace strips humanity of its power over people, and allows each individual to come to God for forgiveness, strength, restoration, and personal power. This was the message of the protestant reformation. Grace is for you. Receive it, praise God for it, and celebrate it daily. Grace truly is amazing.