Sydney NSW, Australia..7 April 2010

beautiful harbor bridge
ministering to sick
Sydney Australia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities I've been to. Its alive, clean, and full of excited churches. Ps Walsh held a rally for all the area churches on my first night in Australia. Many came and worshiped God, fellowshiped, and listened to the Word of God. I never knew there was such a committed bunch in eastern Australia. I could literally feel the faith of the saints, yearning for direction from God. The praise was great and ushered us right in to what God wanted to do. People from all over the globe are in Sydney. These churches are more than local assemblies, the are world evangelism centers. All the folks I met were overly kind, and responsive. I felt as if I was at the forefront of a new frontier spiritually. Keep this area in prayer, revival is stirring.
Jamming with aboriginal friend
Ps Rob and Ann Walsh
looks like Money to me...
first services in New Facility
Rally in Sydney