Cardiff, Bristol, Bromley, Birmingham U.K.

On this U.K. trip, I preached in four churches. I started off with two services in Cardiff Wales. I landed at Heathrow airport, drove up to Wales, changed and went into service with Pastor Jacques. At the first invitation six souls came up for salvation. I knew right away, God has blessed and made this trip fruitful. From Cardiff, it was on to Bristol, Bromley and I ended in Birmingham. For years now England has been a very fruitful harvest field. Many were saved in each of those revivals. All kinds of people showed up, from hard sinners, backsliders and religious seekers to Rastas. I didn't get the usual amount of photos on this trip, but here are a few to let you see these works, and see how our investment over the years has built strong churches throughout the U.K. There is also a testimony by a former Rastafarian lady named Omana, its on the testimony page. If I had to choose a word to sum up these meetings it would be deliverance. Many testified of finding inner victory for bondages.
Bristol, worship service
Bristol, praise team is excellent
Bristol, packed services
Bristol, Ps Clyde & Aaron
Bromley, Ps Ayo, Carolyn, and kids
Bromley, Altar call
Bromley, calling on Jesus
Bromley, Altar call
Birmingham, Praise team
Birmingham, paying close attention
Birmingham, Young, old, black, white..for Jesus
Birmingham, serious sounds
Birmingham, Ps Joe & family
Birmingham, packed house