Amazing Love Letters

Robert & Elizabeth Browning
I read a moving story about Robert Browning and his wife Elizabeth. Their story has a powerful spiritual lesson, please read it and pass it on.

Robert Browning was one of England's foremost poets and play writers during Victorian years. When he met Elizabeth Barrett she had already published four books of poetry, was 39 years old, and semi invalid. She injured her spine at age 15 and was confined in London suffering lung problems. Her father was a jealous, dominating man who refused to allow any of his children to marry. Doomed to spend her life in bed, Elizabeth became a recluse.

The publication of one of her books brought her in contact with Robert Browning. He visited her, and they often wrote to each other. He encouraged her to make efforts to get out of bed, and resume a normal life. But this was met with strong resistance from her father.  The father refused Browning from visiting her again, but the letters between them continued and they were soon in love. After a year, she escaped the bondage of her father and secretly married Browning. The moved to Italy, and it wasn't long until Elizabeth was gaining strength, and living active life. Her parents disowned her, but she wrote to them almost every week telling them how much she loved them, and wanted to reconcile. After 10 years of letter writing, she received a huge box in the mail. The box contained all the letters she had written to her parents, and not one of them was opened.

Elizabeth's love letters to her parents, have now become a precious part of English literature. Its so sad to know they were never read by her parents. The letters are heart felt, full of love and emotion. Had they just opened and read one of those letters, the relationship between them and Elizabeth could have been healed.

I've rewritten this story because of its spiritual implications. The parent wouldn't even read the letters. What a lesson about the real power of bitterness and unforgiveness. But another lesson about Gods love for the souls of men. The great effort God made to reach lost humanity and send us his love letters, the bible. Guess what, people won't even open it up and read it. Redemption and reconciliation are so close. How much pain, and emptiness could be healed if we'd just read the letters.