The bible, in Lam 3:22-23 teaches that, Gods mercies are new every morning, When you read the New Testament, you'll notice it was the normal practice of Jesus to rise up early and pray. One verse says, he rose up early before the sunrise, and went out to pray. Christ made it a habit to capture those early morning hours. Before the day begins, before the phones start ringing, before there are problems to solve, before temptation starts to work on us, we should follow Jesus example and catch that Morning Mercy.

Here are a few Lessons from this verse:

1. God made mercy available to us, before we even knew we needed it
2. Each day has the potential for sin and disobedience, but mercy is waiting to help us
3. Everyday can be a blessing and full of hope, if we'd start off seeking his mercy
4. Each mornings mercy is a new opportunity from God to wipe the slate clean, and make things right with God.

Now we know why the old folks used to say, "Lord have mercy". Its wasn't a cliche, it was a real prayer. Morning Mercy, lets catch it.