Consider...The Inner Man

I've been attending the Bible Conference this week. During one of the services, I sat next to a young man who was really on fire for God. We spoke and I could sense his very real passion for Jesus. He said he was 30 year old and he'd been a christian for 13 years, and spoke highly of his pastor and his church.

My spirit was just a bit troubled though because of the way he carried himself. I'm in no way trying to question his relationship with God, but this observation is worthy of consideration. He had his cap on backwards, his trousers were sagging and he walked in a rocking motion with his shoes untied. His extra long belt was dragging the ground. I couldn't figure out the belt since his trousers were hanging so low. The brother was praising God, yet he was imitating a gangsta rap crew. The inconvenient truth is this; we do become like whatever we worship. The bible does challenge us to be "conformed to the image of Christ" and again "be transformed by the renewing of your mind".
Lets just praise Jesus?

He seemed to be a good brother with a good spirit, yet untaught and un-challenged in his personal christian development (discipleship). Becoming gangsta for a performance to reach the lost is one thing, but living it daily after 13 years with Jesus is troubling.  I have always believed and taught that a healthy society is one where people act and dress their age, as an example to those coming behind them. I know that clothes don't determine ones salvation, but things like this can speak of maturity, growth, and even sanctification. Our culture is image driven. Its a sign of the emptiness that sin breeds into us all. Jesus on the inside should bring security and satisfaction and healing. Our world needs to see a christian community thats free and at peace with Christ.

 Jesus did teach us that, the inner man is more crucial than the outward man, and that what's on the inside will manifest outwardly. The Holy Spirit through salvation helps us address deep, hidden, inner issues, and sins, so we can be free. Lets not simply paint over, or dress up, and portray an image. Let Jesus live and work on the inside through the word of God.  I still remember the truth of that old song, "Jesus on the inside, working on the outside". Something to consider.