Albuquerque, New Mexico 9 Jan 2011

Praise team
Pastor Perez and family
an awesome presence at the altar
God giving hope
the youngest praise
Sonya and Sarah..anointed
point."only believe"
praying, we will trust God
The first revival for 2011 was in the great southwest city of Albuquerque. Its an older congregation with a youthful spirit. People responded very well to the word and leading of the Spirit of God. Almost every service someone spoke of "a word right in season". I was moved at least two of the nights as people wept at the altar call, feeling God move them to wholeness. Pastor Chayo told me there are about 10 churches in fellowship in the city. There are many tales in the city of broken homes, shattered dreams, backsliding, and troubles. Pastor Perez is right in the middle of the pain preaching and praying that the city finds help in Jesus. One of the greatest responses was the night I spoke about, "having a new mind". We prayed against cultural, and sinful strongholds, and had a real good breakthrough. Thank God for the Perez family and their heart for this city. Keep lifting them up.