Taos, New Mexico; 8 October 2010

small town, with big praise
old adobe tea shop, outside Taos
Taos Gorge, Rio Grande river
a call to trust God in hard times
1st altar call..yes to Jesus
ready for revival
Pastor Mitch and Sis Maggie
Taos is a small semi resort town high up in the mountains of northern New Mexico. The Spanish settled the beautiful mountain city over 400 years ago. The city is rich in Spanish and Indian Culture and architecture. The church has been a great testimony for Jesus here. We had lots of visitors come in to hear the gospel message. Pastor Mitch told me, there were quite a number of first time decisions for Jesus. I was moved each night by the real desire of the saints to enter into worship. They put aside many of the economic and personal issues facing them, and came expecting God to speak, and God did minister. Its always good to hear reports of how the messages are connecting to real time issues being faced by the congregation. I also enjoyed to local shops, and the awesome Taos Gorge. One Spanish style resturant served a red & green chile mix, that is worth returning for. The Montoya's were great hosts, and made my stay memorable.